My Interview in Volume 90 of the Mars Hill Audio Journal

This isn't a commercial interruption so much as it is a giddy outburst. Some of you know that, after the release of my book Rethinking Worldview, I was interviewed by Ken Myers for the Mars Hill Audio Journal. Well today Volume 90 was released to subscribers, and my interview is right at the beginning. I'm pleased. No, make that thrilled. When people ask me to recommend resources for "thinking Christians," Mars Hill Audio Journal is always the first thing I suggest (followed by a subscription to Books & Culture), so it's surreal -- in the good way, not the clock melting on a branch way) to find myself included. I've listened to the interview, but I still have a hard time believing it really happened.Anyway, I wanted to share my joy with the rest of you, and encourage you to subscribe to Mars Hill Audio Journal. It is the intellectual equivalent of a goatskin binding.