New Details on the Cambridge ESV Pitt Minion

David Dewey attended the Christian Resources Exhibition, the largest event of its kind in the UK, where he had the opportunity to chat with the Bible publishing staff of Cambridge University Press. Here's the latest information about the forthcoming ESV Pitt Minion:

Expected publication date: July or August, with the wide margin a few months later Text: ESV (2007 revisions) with American spellings Red letter? There will be a choice of red and black letter editions Covers: Tu-tone, French Morocco and Calfskin One will be a brown Calfskin, black letter edition. Print: the same as other Pitt Minions in the series (NIV, KJV, NKJV). Very readable in my opinion. Cross-references: the same as in the Crossway editions Concordance: some as in Crossway editions, but a more extensive concordance is promised for the wide margin editions Cost: £33 up. French Morocco c. £55; and calfskin somewhat more

I'm very pleased to hear about the brown calfskin black-letter edition! Thanks, David, for sharing this information with everyone.