Why is Cabra Bonded Leather Better?

Eric Hampton of Intercover Ltd. got in touch recently to share some information about Cambridge's "Cabra bonded leather." If you've read my review of the Pocket Cross-Reference NIV, you know that this is the only bonded leather I've ever praised. I knew there was something different about Cabra, but I didn't know what it was. Now, thanks to Eric, I do. He explains:

We are the UK agents for Salamander Bonded Leather, who manufacture Cabra used by Cambridge University Press here in the UK. You may be interested to know that Cabra is the only bonded leather manufactured using only natural ingredients. The 'resin' described in the CUP description of Cabra is in fact natural latex, not a man-made plastic resin. In fact, it is one of a number of products like paper that can be described as being manufactured from recycled materials and is wholly biodegradable. This does not apply to any other bonded leather product except Cabra.

Thanks for the information, Eric. Perhaps the natural latex accounts for the increased suppleness found in Cabra bonded leather. Whatever it is, the difference is quite pronounced in comparison to the plastic-like feel of other bonded Bibles.