Glimpse: 1599 Geneva Bible Facsimile in "Rembrandt" Leather

This has to be one of the oddest volumes on my shelf: a massive facsimile of the 1599 Geneva Bible bound in thick, unlined brown leather with a heavy-duty buckled strap to keep it cinched tight. It looks like the sort of thing a modern-day Friar Tuck might carry to the Renaissance Festival. At the time, I thought it would be cool. I planned to carry it with me everywhere. But the size and weight of the thing, combined with my wife's good judgment, modified that plan. Still, I like to take it down every so often and flip through the pages. The modern edition of the Geneva Bible from Tolle Lege is much easier to read, but I appreciate the look and feel of the facsimile. (Even if the unlined cover has a tendency to shed all over the place!) Geneva Bible Facsimile - Cover 1

Geneva Bible Facsimile - Buckle (Detail)

Geneva Bible Facsimile - Cover 2

Geneva Bible Facsimile - Spread 1

Geneva Bible Facsimile - Spread 2

Geneva Bible Facsimile - Spine

Geneva Bible Facsimile - Yoga

You can still buy one of these bad boys online -- at, they're going for $239. According to their description, the "Rembrandt" leather is actually cowhide. They give the dimensions as 7 3/4" x 9 3/4" x 2 3/4", and the shipping weight as 6.1 pounds, which sounds about right.