Greg Terry Reviews the Allan's NRSV

I've spent the last two months on the road, lecturing at Worldview Academy on the West Coast, which has resulted in a major backlog of reviews. If you're itching for a Bible review, Greg Terry has published his thoughts on the R. L. Allan's NRSV, one of the Bibles in my to-do stack. He's also taken a few snaps of the Bible in action. Since the NRSV is so poorly supported in relation to its pedigree, its readers are always on the lookout for good editions. Greg thinks he's found a keeper. Find out why at the link:R. L. Allan NRSV Review at Duine Ruadh By the way, I'd like to re-iterate the invitation I've made before to those of you who blog about Bible design and binding topics: if you send me the link, I'll be happy to share it with the community here. As always, you're welcome to add links to the existing posts here via comments, too.