The clock is ticking down on several long-awaited ESV debuts: the new edition of the Allan's ESV1 with updated text, the four Cambridge Pitt Minion ESV options, and the ESV Study Bible. I'm planning to write about each as they arrive at my door. In the meantime, here's what I know about updates.The Allan's ESV1 Paul at has been doing a great job posting updates on the ESV1's production process, so check the Allan ESV page there for his latest info. The last update is dated September 15. There's also been some progress talk on an earlier thread at The short answer: It's coming. Be patient. Don't strangle the mailman. The Cambridge Pitt Minion ESV We've already gotten a glimpse of these bad boys thanks to David Dewey, and I understand that they're making their way to North America at this very moment. Once they do, I'll be doing a side-by-side of all four editions to help the undecided make up their minds. The ESV Study Bible There's a whole lot of info up at, including twenty videos. And of course the ESV Study Bible blog is rolling out regular goodies. Speaking of which, via the blog, I found Fred Sanders' post "Let Us Now Praise Study Bibles," which enumerates some common objections to SBs (some of which I share) and mentions some things he appreciates about the ESV SB. Good reading.