Allan's Ruby & Cambridge Pitt Minion Compared

I'll be writing more about both the Pitt Minion and the R. L. Allan's Ruby KJV shortly, but I thought you might be interested in some side-by-side photos I took for a reader who asked how they compared. These were quick shots, so excuse the quality. If you're wondering how they stack up, though, this might help. Ruby vs. Pitt Minion 3 Above: The Ruby on top, the Pitt Minion on bottom. Both in black goatskin.

Ruby vs. Pitt Minion 2
Above: As you can see, the Ruby (top) is thicker but smaller -- it's footprint exaggerated by the full-yapp cover edges.

Ruby vs. Pitt Minion 1
Above: The color needs correcting, but you get a sense of the differing layouts and sizes.

I should probably add that it's very unusual for me to snap photos like this on request -- it just so happened I had the camera handy and the Bibles, too.