Cambridge ESV Pitt Minion News

I'm filing this under Future Editions, but the Pitt Minion ESV is a future edition no longer. I received word from Cambridge this morning that the copies bound for the North American market have reached Baker, and orders are going to be filled shortly. That means (1) those of you who've pre-ordered should be receiving them soon, and (2) I can now start talking about them. As I mentioned earlier, I'll be doing a side-by-side review of all four editions -- brown goatskin, black goatskin, burgundy French morocco, and imitation leather. Here's a tiny peek:Cambridge ESV Pitt Minion (Four Editions) If you've already ordered and you're wondering whether you made the right choice between the four . . . you did. I won't give away the gist of the review yet, but let me say this: there are no bad options here. Stayed tuned the the full review this week.