I honeymooned in Edinburgh. My literary agent wears a kilt. My favorite sermon was by Sinclair Ferguson. Ian Rankin is one of my favorite crime novelists. I'm a Presbyterian, for goodness sake. So I can't come out and say the best thing about Scotland is R. L. Allan & Sons. But they're right up there, my friends, next to John Knox and the bagpipes.Dsc_0008 Everyone has been receiving their new ESV1s, and mine finally arrived this morning. Needless to say, I'll be reviewing shortly, but consider the above (yet another) a sneak peek. If you like the ESV, this is turning into quite a month. What is it, fourteen new editions out? The ESV Study Bible is on my desk as well, so look for some SB-related goodness soon. In addition to this, I have the NLT SB and the Cambridge goatskin-bound NIV SB to discuss. Lots of fun on the horizon.