ESV SB Unboxing Photos

Fr. Bill Klock has posted photos of the TruTone ESV Study Bible at Northwest Anglican:

Here's a taste:

"As others have noted, the text block (which I assume to be the same in all editions) is well manufactured.  The paper is thin, but nice.  There's not much bleed through.  The type, both text and notes, is easy to read.  It's a little reminiscent of the Reformation Study Bible, but better executed.  The maps, illustrations and diagrams are spectacular if not quite a slick as they looked in the big cardboard brochures that Crossway sent me in the Spring.  In general, I have to say that it looks great."

I concur. If you want to see how it looks, follow the link and enjoy! Also, if you have links to other posts on the ESV SB, please include them in the comments.