Longing for Vintage Cambridge?

How about some vintage Cambridge goodness -- complete with the original gold and black boxes! This eBay seller has three unique, new-in-box finds. Two brown KJV wide margins and a KJV in blue water buffalo calf. Even if you're not in the market, it's worth having a look at the photos:

KJV Concord Wide Margin in Saddle Brown Calfskin

The same same seller is also offering a KJV Presentation Reference in black goatskin that's worth taking a look. It's in the Cambridge spires box from the post-gold/pre-blue era. I have one from back in the day, and they're quite nice.

I was asked recently why I still like the KJV. In addition to the highbrow answers about cultural influence and aesthetics, there's also this: that's the translation most of the vintage goodies come in.