First Glimpse of Chocolate Brown Allan's ESV1

Thanks to Daniel Holle, whose son popped into the Glasgow storefront of R. L. Allan's and snapped these photos, I can now share some images of the new ESV1 BR -- the same Classic Reference layout but with a chocolate brown highland goatskin cover and three ribbons: one green, one purple, and one brown. Over the holidays, I've gotten e-mail about this edition pretty much every day, so I just want to let everyone know that (a) yes, I know about them, (b) I'm expecting one to review, and (c) I plan to do a side-by-side post of the three current color options: black, tan, and chocolate brown.

With no further ado, let's take a look at the photos:

Above: The three editions of the Allan's ESV1 -- tan, chocolate brown, and black.
Above: A peek inside the tan edition.
Above: The chocolate brown, with the brown, purple and green ribbons displayed.

Above: Inside the chocolate brown. The gilt line is visible on the cover's edge.
Above: The chocolate brown spine.
Above: The art gilt page edges.
The price at is £95, which at today's exchange rate is about $132. They're available from for $149.75 shipped. Available in early February.