Chocolate Brown Goatskin Details

My box from Allan's arrived yesterday morning, containing the long anticipated ESV1 BR in chocolate brown goatskin, as well as the NIV Cross Reference with Concordance, NIVC1 BR, in chocolate brown goatskin. I reviewed an earlier edition of the NIVC1 bound in a beautifully grained brown calfskin, and I'll naturally do a follow-up on the new cover option. Now that I have all three of the cover options for the ESV1 on hand, I'm also working on a side-by-side photo shoot that, in addition to reviewing the new edition, will help those of you uncertain of which color you prefer to make an informed decision.

For now, a couple of detail shots of the brown goatskin. The ESV1 has a tighter, more regular grain, while the NIVC1 is a bit more unpredictable. I'll say more in the review, but I want to add that the size of the NIVC1 -- a large slimline comparable to the KJV Long Primer -- seems perfectly ideal for the highland goatskin cover. It's wonderfully flexible, and makes me wonder what an ESV Thinline in highland goatskin would be like.


Above: Grain detail. You can also see the difference in the ribbons. The NIVC1 features two brown ones, while the ESV1 BR has three different colors: green, purple, and brown. It's a subtle feature. The effect is quite nice.
Above: "Chocolate" is the right word for the color, which has an almost confectionary sheen.


Above: This shot highlights the difference in grain. As a naturally-grained material, you can expect some variation from one example to the next. My black ESV1 has a rougher, irregular patter, while my tan and brown are more regular and refined.
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