More Auctions: Vintage Oxford KJV and Cambridge KJV/RV

A couple of more eBay auctions for KJV lovers out there. First, David Farlow has posted a vintage Oxford Brevier Clarendon Reference KJV bound in red French Morocco with bison grain. I have a brown vintage Oxford very similar to this thanks to David, and it's superb. So if, like me, you're a fan of red bindings, this would make a nice edition. Here's the link:

Next, Nick Potratz is auctioning several copies of Cambridge's unique KJV/RV bound in flexible goatskin. I have an older hardback edition of this one, and it's quite interesting. Where the Revised Version differs from the KJV, the line splits, giving the two renderings one on top of the other. You can easily read either translation -- really, you can -- and the differences between the two are obvious in a way they simply aren't with a parallel layout. Nick has provided a number of nice photos of the layout and cover grain, along with his thoughts on the edition. It's well worth checking out. Here's the link: