Another Inside Look: Nelson's KJV Single-Column Bible

As promised last week, I have page proofs of the second Single-Column Bible slated for release by Nelson early next year -- this time it's the venerable KJV. I've said it before and I'll say it again: one of the factors contributing to the "loss" of the KJV by modern readers is its archaic typography. Paragraphed KJVs are rare enough, so the fact that Thomas Nelson is publishing a single column, paragraphed edition set in 10 pt. type is rather thrilling. As you can see, the specs are identical to the NKJV:


For a detailed look, be sure to open the complete PDF: KJV Single-Column Bible Layout PDF (First Proof). Note that this is not an aggressive reformatting of the text. The words supplied by the translators for sense are still set off in italics, quoted speech is not set off in quotation marks or paragraphed as in modern English. It's just the text of the KJV with the carriage returns after each verse removed. The result is quite readable in comparison to most KJV editions.