First Glimpse of R. L. Allan Personal Size Reference ESV

The second best thing to getting a package in the mail from R. L. Allan is getting an e-mail with photos attached. Nicholas Gray kindly sent along some photos of the new Personal Size Reference ESV. (For specs on the PSR, see my review.) These are advance copies with 1/5" wide ribbons, but don't worry, the production ribbons will be 3/10" wider. 

Here's the one I've been looking forward to with great anticipation: the red highland goatskin. It has dark blue leather linings and blue ribbons.

ESVP Bibles 006
ESVP Bibles 003

Then there's the chocolate brown brown in the same configuration we saw with the last series of ESV1s. The ribbons are green, purple, and brown.

ESVP Bibles 007

ESVP Bibles 001
The black edition this time around has red ribbons instead of blue, reminiscent of the limited edition ESV1 offered recently.

ESVP Bibles 004

ESVP Bibles 002
These should be hitting the market here in the US early in October. The price is £90. The buffalo grain ESV3s have dropped in price to £65, and the ESV1s are currently out of print, awaiting a reprint in early 2010. In the meantime, Nicholas has just inspected running sheets from the Reader's Edition, on schedule for an early November launch, and says they look great: "The India paper is writeable and white and the bigger margins will please note-takers. The print is 8% bigger than the Classic reference editions and this enlargement is quite noticeable on the page."