Inside Nelson's NKJV Single-Column Bible

Thanks to Kimberly Stephens, the Acquisitions Editor for Bible, Reference and Curriculum at Thomas Nelson, I can now share a preview of NKJV Single-Column Bible's inside layout. This is a first proof, which means any errors have yet to be corrected, but it gives a good idea of what to expect.

The page spread above isn't high resolution, but I've uploaded a multi-page PDF which you can scrutinize in-depth. Here's the link: NKJV Single-Column Bible Layout PDF (First Proof). Overall, it looks good, and seems to deliver on the promise of a clean, readable layout. If you've been reading this blog long, you know there's one thing I really don't like about this setting: the font, which looks so much like the same one used in the TNIV Reference Bible. I know that's a subjective thing. My inner typographer wants to fix the widows and orphans, too, but like I said, this is a first look. And a very encouraging one.
More good news! Nelson will also release a KJV in this format at the same time, which means those of us who've been weeping and gnashing our teeth at the long delay in the release of a hand-sized single column KJV can weep and gnash no longer. Assuming sales are strong, there's a chance the single column settings could make their way onto the Signature Series roster. As Kimberly mentioned in her comment on Monday's post, Nelson is exploring the possibility of offering these with sewn bindings. If I hear more about that, I'll pass it along.