Q & A: NKJV Options?

Q. With all the options in the ESV, I feel kind of left out of the market, being a NKJV reader. R. L. Allan doesn't bind an NKJV text to my knowledge and Cambridge has the Pitt Minion which you reviewed positively. Is there anything else on the market that I'm not aware of?

A. Perhaps the most intriguing edition of the NKJV on the horizon is the Single-Column Bible, slated for release in March 2010. The product description sounds interesting:

"If you prefer a single-column style Bible, the NKJV Single-Column Bible is your best choice. Large-print, black-letter text makes reading easier than other single-column options, and a clean, uncluttered page design keeps visual distractions to a minimum. The Bible's size makes it convenient for travel, and the New King James Version® is trusted by many."

There don't seem to be any examples of the layout available. I'm interested in seeing what it looks like, especially since the print is large and the page is clean and uncluttered. (If anyone from Thomas Nelson happens to read this and would be willing to share, please get in touch.) The dimensions are 8.5 " by 5.5", and the text runs to 1728 pages. The only binding options are softcover, imitation leather, and bonded leather. No indication of whether the text block is sewn, so it's hard to say whether it would be appropriate for rebinding -- given the limited cover options, hopefully it will be.

It's a shame this edition won't be part of the Nelson Signature line. If you're looking for a good NKJV, the Deluxe Personal Size Giant Print Reference and the Pocket Companion from the Signature Series are worth checking out. Do a search on this site for more information and comments.

Readers, any other options you'd recommend?