Q & A: Pocket NT Recommendations

Q. I am in need of a New Testament w/Psalms to carry in my back pocket so that I always have God's word.  Is there a goatskin NT/Psalms that you would recommend. I have looked on your site and I'm quite sure you have already remarked on one but I am unable to find it.

A. I wrote about Pocket New Testaments in October 2007, and while that wasn't an exhaustive inventory of everything out there, I think it's still representative. Like psalters, New Testaments have been strangely neglected in recent years. The best NT layout -- indeed, one of the best Scripture layouts of all time -- is the REB New Testament from Cambridge. Unfortunately it's only available now with the green flex cover. I like the single column NRSV NT from Cambridge, too.

If the ESV is your translation of choice (as it is for the original questioner), there's just the one option, the Crossway NT in genuine leather. It's nice and compact, and at least the psalms are set in a single column.

There are no goatskin-bound NTs on the market as far as I know, and I'm not sure whether Cambridge is still offering its calfskin ones. It's a shame, since of all editions, a Pocket NT needs to be well-constructed and durable.

Readers, if you have any cherished NTs, or know of any high quality editions I'm overlooking, let me know. Likewise, if you're frustrated by the lack of choices, I'd like to hear about that, too. Perhaps there's not much demand -- but if there is, let's talk!