The original Allan's Journal was a beauty, then there was a larger second edition, and now the latest versions are available in two sizes. The larger format comes with either a black or brown buffalo grain goatskin cover, the same as the ESV3, while the smaller format is available in black, tan, and brown highland goatskin, like the ESV1. I'm expecting some copies any day now, at which point I'll post more thoughts (and more photos), but here are some advance snaps from R. L. Allan. First the large format brown journal:

Journals 002

And here's a look inside the larger format:

Journals 005

Now the smaller format. First black:

Journals 003

Then brown:

Journals 001

And now the tan:

Journals 004

And here's how the smaller ones look inside:


For those of you who've been anxiously awaiting the journals, it looks like the wait is over. There was some speculation about whether the "Journal" imprint would be dropped from the cover, but based on the photos it seems the answer is no. I'll write more when they arrive, but for now ... enjoy.