Another Glimpse of the Reader's Edition ESV

Don't think of this as merciless taunting. I'm just checking in with another preliminary note about the new R. L. Allan Reader's Edition ESV. Right now, my tentative plan is to post something more definitive early next week. I have a lot more photos to take. In the meantime, here's a snap illustrating the color range: black on bottom, brown in the middle, and tan on top, with the corresponding Allan's Pocket Journals.



If you pre-ordered one of these, I think it's safe to say you will not be disappointed. A Reader's Edition is a bit like an Allan's ESV1 translated into glory. The same only better. Better proportions, larger type size, better paper, you name it. They are big, but in the way that a wallet stuffed with hundreds is big -- i.e., not so large you aren't thrilled to be carrying it. 



And the semi-yapp edges are executed nicely, as you can see above, with an elegant curl over the page edges. Hopefully that will tide you over until next week!

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