This morning I received copies of the new R. L. Allan Reader's Reference Edition ESV, and will be writing more about them shortly. For now, I want to address what must be a common question, which is how the latest addition to the Allan's ESV line-up compares with the other two. I stacked three black highland goatskin Bibles -- the Personal Size Reference, the Classic Reference (ESV1), and the Reader's Edition -- one on top of the other, then snapped a few photos.


The Reader's Edition is taller and wider than the ESV1 (middle), and of course it dwarves the PSR (top). If you've ever handled the Allan's Long Primer, you know this is a good thing. Why? Because that larger, wider footprint combined with a similar width makes the text block's proportions just right for liquid flexibility, taking full advantage of the highland goatskin's suppleness. Of the three options, this one feels the best in the hand ... by far. 


I'm not going to share too much at this point. You'll have to wait for the full review. But I'm guessing that if you're using the ESV in the pulpit, this is the edition you're going to want. All the details are upgraded, the type size is comfortable, and it melts in the hand. More later ...