First Snap of the New Year

Back in town after a long vacation, I snapped a picture at last night's Bible study. I'd brought along my Cambridge Pitt Minion ESV -- it's such a convenient format for carrying -- while my wife had her new Allan's Reader's Edition ESV. Here's the scene:



For backup, I had the ESV Study Bible on my phone. The gloves were necessitated by the weather outside, which was (to quote the song) frightful. While my wife took notes in her trusty slimline Filofax, formerly my trusty slimline Filofax until she saw it, I tried out a new Rhodia flip pad I gifted myself for Christmas. 

One thing I kept noticing was how bright and white her Bible seemed. I think the Cambridge paper is less see-through (something I pick up mainly in the poetry sections), but the Reader's Edition offers higher contrast. 

It's a good thing we had room to spread out!