A Couple of Things to Share

Some Bible-related, some not. First, Joseph Nally was inspired by a rebinding project of mine to send his bilingual edition (RV60/NKJV) for a transformation featuring "unembossed, natural soft-tanned premium goatskin in delicious chocolate." I'm not sure how he knows the leather is delicious, and I was afraid to ask. But the whole story, along with some tasty (!) photos, is online here: Family Reflections: Bible.

Here's a teaser:

Thanks for sharing, Joseph! Now for a couple of non-Bible-related notes. In addition to writing the books listed in the right-hand margin, I occasionally publish other stuff which I like to share with my readers here. In this case, it gives me an opportunity to introduce some publications which, if you're not already clued into them, you should be.

The first is Books & Culture, the brainy review published by Christianity Today under the editorial direction of John Wilson. When my novel Back on Murder came out, they ran a favorable notice. Considering how big an influence B&C has been on me, you can imagine how pleased I was. Now I've had the pleasure of writing for them -- and about something I love, too: the novels of James Lee Burke. Follow the link and enjoy: "The Glass Rainbow" | Books & Culture.

The second piece is a long article on "the theological value of noir fiction" published in the latest issue of By Faith, which is now available online. This one was quite a personal coup, too. If you've never heard of it before, By Faith is the magazine of the Presbyterian Church in America. Long before I was a presbyterian, I was impressed by the magazine. It's not what you expect when you hear the term "denominational publication." Not to mention, in the print edition, my contribution is listed just under an illustration of Tim Keller, which means I've finally managed to do something that impressed my wife! You won't see that online, but you will see a very film noir looking clip art man in his undershirt, tapping away at a typewriter: "Writing About Reprobation: The Theological Value of Noir Fiction" | By Faith.

Every so often, I put together a piece about things tangentially related to Bible study -- notebooks, Filofaxes, sermon-writing. These posts have always generated interest, and I'm hoping to do more of this, especially in light of a "notebook epiphany" I've recently experienced. In preparation, I'd love it if some of you with obsessions along these lines would open up about them and share what you're using: tools, methods, etc.