New Book Release + Free Kindle Download


Book Release
It's official. Pattern of Wounds, the second Roland March novel, was officially released today. You can find it at brick-and-mortar bookstores, and online at places like Amazonand Barnes & Noble, where you can get hard copies or ebooks for the Kindle or Nook. 

    The release of a new book is always exciting. I spend a lot of time checking reviews, answering e-mails, and generally fretting over how the story will be received. In Pattern of Wounds, we get deeper into March's past, understanding a little better how he went from golden boy to pariah. We also delve into our own fascination with evil, and the need to personify it -- in this case, in the form of a serial killer. Is there a secret meaning hidden in the pattern of wounds, or are we reading too much into random chance? Read the book and find out.


Free Kindle Edition of Back on Murder
Now that the second Roland March book, Pattern of Wounds, is out, the question is how to introduce more readers to the sometimes-intrepid, always ornery Houston detective. Here's what we're doing: for a limited time, my publisher is giving away the Kindle eBook edition of Back on Murder, the first March novel, for free. We want to introduce March to the widest possible audience and figured this would be a good way to start!
    So click through right now and download the free eBook edition of Back on Murder. And if you don't mind, do me a favor: help spread the word. Let people know about the free book, and if you like it, consider posting a review. March -- and I -- will be eternally grateful. (Well, come to think of it, he'll probably be surly regardless, but it will make me happy.)

ICRS Appearance
One last thing: I'll be doing a book signing at the upcoming International Christian Retail Show in Atlanta, GA, on Monday July 11 at 1 PM. If you're planning to be there, drop by the Baker Publishing booth during the signing and say hello! I would love to meet Bible Design Blog readers there. Hopefully I will be gleaning some information on upcoming editions to share, too!