Craftsmanship & The Linocut

I've been studying up a bit on book arts, in hopes of improving the quality of my observations here and having a lot of anachronistic fun. In the age of the e-book, there's something satisfying in an against-the-grain activity like setting lead type. Not to mention, this week -- thanks to the good graces of longtime BDB reader Mark Strobel -- I'm going to have some hands-on time with the magnificent letterpress masterpiece, the Arion Bible. Rest assured, photos will be taken.

In the meantime, I've been writing about some of my letterpress experiences: 


"The Linocut"

I'll be chronicling the journey primarily at my author blog, Crime Genre, with a little relevant spillover here. Expect some bookbinding posts, too. (I don't expect to get really good at it, but hopefully I'll learn enough to better appreciate those who are!)

And in case you're wondering, yes, I took the photo above while rummaging through the type cases at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. And yes, somebody has jumbled up the sizes of the Rs. (Not me!)