Happy Birthday, Bertrand: Single Column Journaling Bible in August

Two things to celebrate in August: my birthday (I'll be 42), and the release by Crossway of a Single Column Journaling Bible. I'm sure the two have nothing to do with each other. Having said that, everybody knows I love the color red, and if you're familiar with my original post about the Journaling Bible, you'll know I had a little input on that as well. If my eyes don't deceive me, this is a red Moleskine-style, Single Column Journaling BIble, best of all possible worlds:


I've been a fan of the red Moleskine since it first appeared (originally unavailable in the US), so you won't be surprised to know that I've just updated my birthday list. As I've pointed out before, single column settings and wide margins go great together. There's no ambiguity about which column of text the notes in the margin go with, because there's only one column. Here's a look inside the forthcoming Single Column Journaling Bible:

You can check out a PDF sample of the interior layout by clicking here. For those of you without my red fixation (or those who live in bull-infested country and worry about the possibility of goring), they will also be available in black hardcover and brown leather. 

I see a lot of Journaling Bibles in the hands of young people, who appreciate the format's styling and practicality. The advent of a single colum edition is particularly thrilling in that regard. Getting good, readable Bibles into the hands of young people (yes, I feel middle-aged every time I type those words) is a priority.