Schuyler NKJV, ESV Reader's Bible, and an Abba Rebind: Links

It's Friday, so here are some links to check out:

"Schuyler NKJV Bible Review." Beth Rhodes, one of our tireless BDB Facebook fan page moderators, has posted an in-depth look at the single column Schuyler NKJV, an edition based on a Nelson layout.

"ESV Reader's Bible."  If you missed the mention in this week's review of the Heritage, be sure to bookmark the forthcoming ESV Reader's Bible, which does away with chapter and verse numbers, cross references, and section headings for a "Books of the Bible"-style uninterrupted reading text. (Crossway's official page is here.)

And finally, since I mentioned an Abba binding this week on the blog, I thought I'd share some photos from a reader named Adan:

I want to thank you, if it wouldn't had been for your Bible Design Blog, I wouldn't never found info about "high quality" bibles. I've read various entries, but one that really caught my attention was the 2 entries related to Biblias Abba, located in Mexico. From what I read from the comments made by the readers many couldn't get in touch with them. Well, I want to let you know that I contacted Biblias Abba about 5 months ago, and just yesterday the bible arrived. [It took about 2 months to have it shipped to the U.S. because I had difficulty finding a way to ship it.] Here, I've attached a few pics of the Bible which I took with my phone, so you won't be able to really appreciate the design. This is my first (black calfskin leather) "high quality" bible.

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