Cambridge Beat Me to Bible Yoga

How's that for a title? As a wise man once said, there's nothing new under the sun. Bible Design Blog has inspired a number of people to post reviews of Bibles, and my "yoga" pose (in which I roll up fine leather covers in ways that make the purists cringe) has been widely imitated. Turns out, though, the idea isn't original to me. Chris Scotti has been in Christian publishing for years, and he recalls something similar being done in training seminars back in the 1980s:

In the old days in Christian retail (1980s) Cambridge used to have Bible sales training seminars and the easiest way to get a customer to spend the extra $20-$50 was to roll up the berkshire cover and let it unroll itself. Something you could never do with a bonded leather. They also used to give sales clerks an incentive of 1 free Bible of your choice when you sold 10. 

Ah, the good old days, when trained and knowledgeable retailers stocked quality Bibles that you could walk in and touch. I don't know which one I miss more: the bricks and mortar shops, or the mere $20-$50 premium.