Lessons from Bibliotheca, and More Thoughts on the ESV Reader's Bible

The funding campaign is over and Bibliotheca has raised in excess of $1.4 million. While success on this scale always brings out detractors, I've been impressed how widely Adam Lewis Greene's effort has been appreciated. While the idea of designing Bibles for reading rather than reference isn't new, this is the first time in awhile that a Bible publishing project has connected with the wider world on the basis of its design choices first and foremost. If you missed the Kickstarter, there's still a window for ordering Bibliotheca. Check out the details on Adam's new site, Bibliotheca.co.

LESSONS FROM BIBLIOTHECA There are lessons to be learned from the experience, and not just for publishers. Michael Hyatt has summed up four of the big ones, quoting some remarks of mine along the way: "What the Success of Bibliotheca Tells Us About the Future of Publishing."

WHILE YOU WAIT, CHECK OUT THE ESV READER'S BIBLE So what should you do while you're waiting for Bibliotheca to ship? How about giving the ESV Reader's Bible a try. Similar in concept to Bibliotheca, the ESV Reader's Bible is available now, and for a very affordable price. You'll experience the benefits of a reader-friendly format for yourself. Here are some links to my pieces on the ESV Reader's Bible

The Original Review: The ESV Reader's Bible

A Video Introduction to the ESV Reader's Bible

ESV Reader's Bible: Some Notes on Daily Use

My own experiences with the ESV Reader's Bible have been echoed by many others, including this piece by John Sherrod, who shares his first impressions after he and his wife gave the new format a try: "The ESV Reader's Bible: First Impressions." If any of you have shared your own impressions online, feel free to post a link in the comments.