Support 2K/Denmark's BibleOn via Kickstarter

I love the idea of digital books much more than the current reality. As I've written, the form of digital books still leaves a lot to be desired compared to the printed specimen. That won't always be true, however. It's a new technology, and the focus so far has been much more on convenience than quality. Just look at the way most e-books handle typography. The reason I get excited about 2k/Denmark's BibleOn app is that they are trying to bring to bear the typographic know-how developed over years of designing print Bibles. I have several Bible apps on my phone, but BibleOn is the one I open when I want to sit and read. Now 2k/Denmark has launched a Kickstarter to fund the future development of the app.

The video gives you a glimpse of 2k/Denmark, so it's worth watching whether the idea of Bible apps excites you or not.

I would have shared this with you sooner, but I've been on the road. In fact, this is my first and last day back at my desk before leaving for another speaking engagement. There's more I would say about BibleOn if I had the time. I will save that for another post. For now, check out the Kickstarter and if you like what you see, get behind this thing. I snagged one of the early bird slots -- I want one of those type specimen posters for my wall!