"Peer into the private life of the man behind the Bible Design Blog phenomenon": My Interview with The Bible Exchange

When you graduate from creative writing school, along with your diploma you receive a poetic license, a picture ID card that gives you the freedom to speak with unearned authority on whatever subject catches your fancy. I've used mine extensively over the years. (This is a true story: a publisher once told me I didn't have the right kind of degree to have have written the book I'd just written. "Au contraire," I said, sporting my sophistication. I have the kind that lets me pontificate on every subject under the sun.) If you harbor any doubts about this predilection for pontificating -- though if you've read this far, it's hard to imagine you do -- check out the interview I did over the weekend for the Bible Exchange. They asked a lot of good questions about Bibles, and threw in some curve balls covering everything from desert islands to future fiction to favorite color. And I swung at every pitch, naturally.

Here's the link: The Bible Exchange: "17 Questions with J. Mark Bertrand"

I'd like to thank Paul Tanca and Bobby Hanson for making it possible, and Matthew Everhard and Randy Brown for helping out. Also, special thanks to everyone who suggested questions! There were some great ones in the mix that got me thinking.