It must be rebinding week here at the, because I'm receiving lots of great photos to share. Get ready to salivate, friends. Let's begin with a new project done by Mechling Bookbindery. Regular reader Brian Fox sent them his new Personal Size Reference ESV for treatment -- the genuine leather edition, which has a sewn binding. Here are the results, in Brian's own words:

I sent a genuine leather ESV Personal Size Reference Bible to Mechling, and I am pleased to share it with you. I chose chocolate goatskin, with the raised bands, translation name (once rather than thrice), and two deluxe ribbons. In many ways, it is similar to Kyle Hedrick's scarlet RSV. If I could change one thing, the top and bottom of the spine would have the nice bulges that Alan Cornett's NASB NT has.

Brian Fox's Mechling ESV1

The Mechling rebind is 1/4" taller than the TruTone edition. It also feels more substantial.

Brian Fox's Mechling ESV2

While it is not as nice as my Allan's ESV, the chocolate goatskin feels very luxurious in my hands. There is a world of difference compared to the veneer of leather over cardboard that originally came with this Bible.

Brian Fox's Mechling ESV3

The spine is rather tight, and the cover is not as flexible as some of my other high-end Bibles, I plan on breaking it in over the course of many years, and I trust that it will loosen. Rebinds have been described as "rustic" looking, and I agree that the word applies to this rebind. It is no Allan's, but it is custom made to my specifications. It has its own character, and it will be my new constant companion. The total cost from Mechling was $118.29 shipped. Do I have any regrets? No.

Brian Fox's Mechling ESV4

I would also like to add that the good folks at Mechling put up with my obsessive compulsive fears that they were making mistakes, and my need to check on if they were doing it right, and they were very professional and helpful. I opted for the speedy service for $25 extra, and they completed it in three weeks, and did not charge me the $25. I guess they did not have the six week backlog and were honest enough to not charge extra. I appreciate that.

Other than art-gilt page edges and full yapp, this is the closest thing for me to the perfect compact Bible.

-- Brian Fox

Thanks, Brian, for sharing the results of your project. Looks like you need to pull those pages apart! Stay tuned for more rebinding goodness in the days ahead, everybody!

Brian snapped a couple of outdoor shots so we could see the color of the leather cover in natural light. Here there are:

Brian Fox ESV Rebind 5

Brian Fox ESV Rebind 6