Another Auction: Allan NIV Bold Print, Brown Kid Goatskin Binding

I get a lot of e-mail asking for tips on sourcing vintage Bibles, and my recommendation is always the same: keep an eye on eBay. If your not fortunate enough to discover some old stock in a bricks-and-mortar inventory, that's your best bet. Naturally, you should scour bookstores whenever possible (especially when you travel), but there isn't an Aladdin's cave of vintage goodies waiting to be revealed, at least not by me. 

Which is why I encourage those of you who have Bibles to auction to let me know once the listings are up, so I can share them with readers. About a week ago, I posted some auctions David Farlow listed. He's managed to locate a number of vintage editions -- the bookshops of Northern Ireland seem to be a good place to look! Now, he's gotten his hands on another out-of-print Allan's NIV bound in brown kid goatskin. Here's the link to the auction:

And here are a few photos he sent along: