Repairing a Torn Page?

Abraham Armenta has a dilemma: his two-year-old decided to manually redact the book of 1 John 3. The question is, how to repair the damage? I haven't faced this problem myself, so I did a little searching online and came up with a couple of tutorials:

(a) How to repair a torn page (b) A Simple Book Repair Manual: Torn Pages

The trick seems to be in using document repair tape. Since I haven't done it, though, I'm wondering if anyone else out there has experience repairing torn Bible pages? Are there better techniques? Any special considerations when it comes to India paper? Please share! UPDATE: Thanks to Matt Blair, we now have a pictorial of the process. Check out Matt's Flickr photo-set Fixing a torn page for an object lesson in how it's done. Matt also used his aforementioned method of adding ribbons to add three to his Deluxe Compact ESV, so check out those pictures, too.